• Product description: Pillow Block

When bearing designs are produced, compliance to requirement is determined. When producing bearing suitable to conditions, the factors such as resistance to corrosion, moisture, high temperature, vibration and high load should be duly considered. In this sense, bearings with shell of cast body are bearings which make it easy to support moving shafts at both ends. Thanks to its special casting shell, oscillation of axial motion is prevented, keeping it steady. These bearings are used on the machines which require horizontal axial load.

Use of Bearings with Cast Body Pillow Block

Different sizes are used for bearing shells of cast body. During mounting, it is applied to the machine by hydraulic, heating or mechanical method. This bearing is removed from its package just before it is applied to the machine. It is applied in an environment dry and dust-free. No dirt, dust, chip, etc. Should be in the shaft or shell.

Selection should be made correctly in order to remove any damages that may occur in the machine as a result of improper use. In the selection of bearing, engineering advices should be taken and operating principle and conditions of the machine should be determined. Conditions such as heat, moisture, vibration, heavy load, steam and pressure should be taken into consideration.


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