• Axial Ball Bearings
Axial Ball Bearings

Axial Ball Bearings

  • Product description: Axial ball bearings
Axial ball bearings comprise of body ring, shaft ring and cage with balls. It is specially designed so that moving parts, when rotating in high speed, may show resistance against the driving force. Depending on shape of the outer ring used on the axial ball bearings, their adjustments are categorized as bearing or straight bearing.
They are designed as bidirectional and unidirectional. When made of quality steel, lifetime of the ball bearing system extends by 80%. For safe use of these ball bearings, they should not be exposed to radial loads and should support axial loads only.
Fields of Use for Axial Ball Bearings
Ball bearings are used in the machine systems where shaft movement should not be prevented by the loads to be applied. Axial ball bearings carry unidirectional and bidirectional loads. They are appropriate to carry medium loads; however, they are not appropriate for places where excessive loads occur. Their field of use are specified as machine systems and places where medium load pressure occurs.


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