• Cages with Needle Roller
Cages with Needle Roller

Cages with Needle Roller

  • Product description: Cages with Needle Roller
Needle roller cages containing single-needle and double-needle roller cages increases efficiency of the bearing. Bearing versions providing high efficiency due to roller and cage materials are axial or radial for load carriage. Needle roller cages ensure the bearing to operate at full capacity. Use of bearings gain high acceleration with cage and roller designs. It facilitates operation of the machine due to its structure allowing unidirectional and bidirectional motion.

Selection of Needle Roller Cages

Selection of needle roller cage should comply with the bearing. Machines equipped with correct parts do not fail. In addition to use on the electric motors, they are also used on the fans and transmission gears. Setting the torque value and having rigid structure, this bearing cage balance high load speed in the most optimum way. It is an important detail that the bearing used for selection of needle roller cage should be radial or axial. These bearing cages which do not require maintenance of the machine for a long time lower production cost. Incorrect selection of bearing cage may cause considerable damage.


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