• Stainless Pillow Block Bearings
Stainless Pillow Block Bearings

Stainless Pillow Block Bearings

  • Product description: Stainless Pillow Block BEARINGS
Taking place among the types of pillow block, stainless bearing with cast body pillow block finds use in the food industry where hygiene is important. It is used to get superior efficiency with many machines and equipment used in the food industry. Some business lines operate under different climactic conditions. Bearings which should adapt to such conditions provide great help for the machines exposed to moisture and dust such as agricultural machines. 
Fields of Use for Bearings with Stainless Pillow Block
Specially designed bearings with steel casting body have important use in the areas which require high vibration, load and strength such as agricultural machine, automotive and food machines. These bearings, which are special manufactured for shell with cast body, provide long lifetime.  
Its stainless construction helps hygienic production. And its steel construction shows efficiency with loads of medium level. It is resistant to corrosion and reduces friction. As it is, wear reduces, providing operating in a more silent environment. As a result of reduced friction, you continue working at high capacity without failure.


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