• Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

  • Product description: Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Self-aligning ball bearings have highly developed designs and are developed according to the linear contact between the bearing and surfaces. Ball bearings are designed and manufactured according to the shaft diameters. Double-row self-aligning types are designed according to the shaft diameters ranging from 25mm to 1000mm. As they are specially designed, they are resistant against impact and high-scale radial loads. They can carry axial loads above medium level. 
Fields of Use for Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Fields of use vary depending on types of self-aligning ball bearings. Fields of use include big machines where assembly failures or shaft deviations may occur, vibration screens, equipment used in the paper plants and many types of industrial machines. 
Replacement and removal of the self-aligning ball bearings in place is performed together with the conical shaft sleeve. As they are manufactured with steel cages, they are easily used with shafts of big diameter. They are designed and manufactured in different series and, therefore, they are of types according to each field of use. They are used for decrease of both load and sound that may occur in the vibrational areas.


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