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Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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Among the self-aligning bearings, double-row spherical roller bearing has such a design that it can move in the outer sleeve on the row of double rollers. It has capacity to carry big loads with its angle of 2°. Among the roller bearings, the double-row spherical roller bearings comprise of outer sleeve, rolling component, cage, inner ring and cover. Correct selection of bearing depends on specially gap selection, axial clearing, rpm, direction of loads and operating conditions of the big machines.
Operating Principle of Double-Row Spherical Roller Bearing

A version of the self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings have specially designed spherical outer ring for rotation of the ball in the outer ring in double-raw. It has self-aligning characteristics at load levels. It is used on the machines which experience shaft deviation and misalignment in the industrial area. Used in the radial forces, this type of bearing has an important function for shell alignment. When bearing types are designed, first of all, field of use, machine size, load capacity and conditions are considered and the most appropriate bearing version is determined for the machine.

A type of cylindrical roller bearing, the double-row cylindrical roller bearing is not subject to any force and moment effects without exposed to friction. It is quite convenient as it maintains its shape. It reduces amplitude of oscillating motion with high radial load. With its detachable sleeve structure, it is also easy to remove and pull it when frequent clearance is required.
Types of Double-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
This bearing version has types of cylindrical bearing and perforated bearing. On the tapered double cylindrical roller bearings, the clearance is set by the tightening method. Among types of the bearings, there are lubrication holes and channels at the outer ring. They are intensely used for the work machines. The reason is that they have capacity to carry high radial load. Their vibration is little, providing silent working environment. Additionally, they use sleeve and outer ring. And it ensures convenience in the process of mounting or dismounting. Other than high radial load, they are also used for high impact load. This type of bearing is made of steel containing high carbon.


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